Our charity collaborates with a large amount of agencies doing good in the local neighbourhood across the Greater Wellington region.  Each partner agency has a contract which is unique to their organisation.  Not all agencies receive the full service that we provide of food, clothing, furniture and whiteware.  

Below are some testimonials that we have received from some of our partner agencies thanking our volunteers for the varied work that we do in the local community for FREE.

--Joe ten Broeke, our convenor - St Vincent de Paul Society Porirua Foodbank

“During the months of Feb-April 2018 the Plimmerton Conference of the St Vincent de Paul Society delivered 298 food parcels to needy families feeding a total of 1361 people.

The food comes from donations by parishioners, and some food is purchased, but the bulk of staple food and toiletries is obtained from Kiwi Community Assistance. Being able to provide fresh produce is an added bonus.  Without the support from KCA we would not be able to assist the many needy families.  Thank you KCA for your great work. “


— Helen Brookes, Business Service Manager, Porirua City Council

KCA supported the Porirua Xmas day 2017 community brunch for the 5th year running. This year we had around 260 attendees and about 80 volunteers, including a couple of surprise celebrities, on the day which made it extra special. Whilst these numbers were down a bit from last year it still felt pretty full.  Around 80% of the food provided came from KCA and we managed to cook pretty much everything you gave us with very little left when we locked up at the end of the day. The Fish Pie in particular was apparently amazing and of course the traditionals like chicken, pork and beef always go well.

This event is 100% delivered by volunteers and donations and we could not offer this event without the support of KCA.

— Brian McGettigan, Agapé Budgeting Service Ltd

I delivered the food parcel to one of our Agape Budgeting clients on Sunday and was greeted with a hug and tears.The solo mum with children was overwhelmed to think that someone cared. She was so stressed out trying to pay the bills and feed her children. She said thank you, thank you. This gift will give her some breathing space to help her get on top of her bills.

— Okasene Faraimo, Wesley Community Action 

Hey thanks a lot for your work, I know I keep saying it but you guys are amazing and people and families are being blessed by the work you are doing. It’s a great help for families who are going through challenging times. Once again Thank You.