Donate Goods

Our volunteers love sorting your donations to make up orders for families working with our partner agencies.  KCA does not sell any item donated to us.  Please respect the work that we do - providing new or good quality items to those in need.

At present we are only accepting winter clothing, shoes, kids toys, winter blankets,  (NO SOFT TOYS as its flu season), kids reading books, baby gates,  as this is the items that we are very short of to fulfil orders in our system.   Please ensure that all items that you donate to us are 'still fit for purpose'.  All clothing items needs to be recently laundered, free of rips, stains, missing buttons or zips.  We are unable to accept any item with mould, chips, broken or missing parts, yellowing or any stains. 

Highchairs must be clean and ready to go to their new homes complete with the harnesses.  

Please note due to the lack of demand (caused by the housing crisis) we are not accepting any furniture or whiteware.  If we require furniture or whiteware we will put an SOS on our Facebook when we are asked for these bulky items. 

Thank you.