Covid 19

Update as 2nd March 2022

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Due to the number of active community cases of Covid-19 in the Wellington community please note that all of our drop off points for non-food donations is closed.  We plan to review the situation in Wellington at the start of May 2022.  It is important to keep our volunteers safe as donors don't tend to wear face masks in their own cars and Omicron has been proven to stay on surfaces for different lengths of time.

With the ever changing landscape that is Delta/Covid-19, KCA is operating contactless.  This is to minimise the risk to our volunteers who are working in bubbles.  Partner agencies are no longer allowed into our premises.

In order to keep everyone safe at KCA requires all visitors to our site to be wearing face masks (unless they have an official exemption not to wear one) and sanitise their hands before touching the trollies.  Our Covid-19 QR code has been installed on to all trollies with your agency's name clearly marked on it.  Please leave the trolley in our main car park area away from our pedestrian access door for health and safety reasons.  Once you have uplifted your stock our volunteers will come out and sanitise the trollies before they come back into our warehouse.

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